Aroma Massage, a healing place in your daily life

By dropping essential oils in the bathtub, sperm permeates the brain, lungs, or skin at the same time
Therefore, you can feel the effects of aroma evenly and quickly.
If you constantly practice the bath method, it can relieve stress, beauty effects, skin elasticity, waste removal, blood
It definitely helps to relieve circulation and fatigue.
>> Full-body bathing
* Wipe your body clean.
* Fill the bathtub with hot water and stir well by dropping 6 to 8 drops of essential oil.
* Soak your body for 15 to 20 minutes with a comfortable mind.
* After taking a bath, dry your body in that condition or wipe your body with a towel. (Appropriate once to twice a week)
* For children or sensitive skin, emulsifiers such as carrier oil, milk, natural salt, alcohol, etc
mix with.
>> How to take a foot bath
* Wash your feet thoroughly first.
* Put 6 to 8 drops of essential oil in a bowl of warm water, dilute it, and then take an ankle bath
I am doing.
* After taking a bath, dry your feet with a towel.
>> The sedentary bath method
* Dilute the essential oil in the same way as the full-body bath, but the number of drops per time is about 2 to 5 drops
It's just right.
* It is effective for gynecological and anal diseases.
Massage: Massage is the most effective way for aroma essential oils to be absorbed through the skin
You can enjoy it. It helps promote mental and physical fatigue, fatigue flexibility, and circulation.
* Patting: The most basic way of massage is the first step and the main massage action.
Slip the bottom of both hands in close contact with the skin while slowly applying strength.
This method is effective in warming the body and relaxing.
* Dabbing: Rhythmic tapping with one hand following the other at a relatively high speed
Good. Keep both hands facing each other. This motion softens fat areas, especially
Effective for hip thighs and shoulders.
* Rubbing: Gently press the muscle tissue in a circle with your thumb. This makes it a bit more
It relaxes and relaxes the deep areas. If you do enough for the areas you need
It's effective.
* Press and release: Relax your entire hand, but apply strength to the lower palm, lower back and
It is particularly effective in relaxing muscles in solid areas such as thighs.
It relieves nerve tension and removes fatigue.

* Twist: This method involves lifting, twisting, and rolling the flesh while transferring it from one hand to the other

It's good for muscular and fleshy areas like calves, thighs, hips, and waist

It removes toxins from sediments and tissues, helps metabolize tissues, and helps muscles

It's a way not to strain.

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